Boavista, a marvel of the archipelago of Cape Verde

After about six hours by plane leaving from Rome one arrives Boavista one of the islands of the archipelago of Capoverde . The modalities of accommodation on the spot can be multiple, the cheapest is certainly that of staying in an apartment.

These are often managed by Italians transplanted on the spot who have stipulated small facilities for excursions and meals with the large tourist villages on site.

If you are an independent traveler, the cheapest and most characteristic way to get around the island is to rely on one of the numerous beach boys . I sincerely recommend Mr Fefe a middle-aged gentleman who, thanks to his punctuality and sympathy, will make your transfers easy and fast.

With half the money he will ask you for any agency or village he will make you travel all over the island . One fundamental thing is that mr Fefe speaks fluent Italian (like everyone on the island) and will have you do the same route of the other tour operators making you visit all places on alternate days compared to those in which the vacationers of large structures, with whom he collaborates , they go there. So you will not have hordes of tourists around you.

The most characteristic places of the island are the various beaches such as Praia Curral Velho . You get there after a pick-up pick-up of about a golden hour which you can see the villages, the vegetation and the magnificent landscapes of this island. You pass from a sparse vegetation to a real rocky desert with colors ranging from black to red, until almost suddenly a blue spot will open before your eyes as you approach it begins to assume all the variations colors of blue . Here you can relax and rejuvenate in the impressive ocean waves.

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