Food Trip Around USA

American cuisine is a catholic mix of ethnic foods from diverse communities. The globe itself kindly terms it a melting pot. If we take a food trip moving across the states, recipes differ per community style. For instance, New York City dishes are mainly of Italians, Texas ones of Mexicans, and Wisconsin ones of Germans. Overall, the culinary culture in the USA has been influenced by Europeans, Africans, Italians, and British. The mainstays of the country are pizzas, meat, fish, and seafood.

Americans love eating melting pots of smoked and grilled recipes. Even in small dingy bars, one may grab bagels, hot dogs, empanadas, and hamburgers. In some authentic deli houses, foodies are delighted with alligator meat, steaks, and Louisiana specials like jambalaya, boudin, and gumbo.

Here are the top ten cities for food trips.

1. Charleston

Charleston’s cuisine is ranked the topmost among American foodie tours. It is best known for its low-country-style dishes. The staples include steaks, grits, sauces, rice with beef, and soups.

2. New York City

NYC is famous for baked pretzels, bagels, steamrollers, Mexican tacos, Turkey shaurma, and Italian-style, and unicorn rolls ice cream. As the city is fast moving, you will find many Italian delis, fast food chains, food carts, and bakeries. In Brooklyn, gourmets may munch to their fill the Vietnamese fish dish cha ca, miso ramen, porterhouse, and the Halal Guys.

3. Miami

Being the hottest city, Miami artisans will fusion traditional foods of Cuba, Peru, and Colombia. Local folks always prefer Frogmore stew with potatoes or sausages. Order plates of seafood dishes like shrimp fried with bacon gravy, stone crabs, and frita.

4. Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city popular for chop houses and street foods. Jacksonville culinary is a blend of Caribbean and Latino tastes. Steakhouse Jacksonville cuisines delight with Cuban, Caribbean, and Columbian flavors. You will find a plenty of exotic sauces served with chicken and beef dishes.

5. Chicago

This city is ranked for a line of Michelin-style restaurants serving baked items like deep dish pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef sandwich. Folks wait in lines to get smoked fish, doughnuts, and pastries with multiple toppings.

6. Las Vegas

Las Vagas menus show an eclectic fusion of Asian and Mexican dishes. Must-try ones in the buffets of high-class restaurants include riserva steak, chicken fingers, khao soi, cochinita pibil tacos served with consome loco, and sushis.

7. Seattle

There are more Vietnamese style eateries in Seattle. The great choices to try are geoduck, tacos, pho, and cream-topped hot dogs.

8. New Orleans

New Orleans is known as the home to original oysters. It is a pretty land to grab the best of pralines, fried seafood with dressings, sandwiches, kosher beignets, jambalaya, etouffee, and mufulettas.

9. San Francisco

San Francisco stands out for its French sourdough recipes. The specialties that could not be found outside are burritos, sushirrittos, and cioppino. Stop at bay-side diners to try any of the dishes like abalone, oysters, pork chops, bread with clam chowder, and kosher whiffs.

10. Portland

Portland is best known for signature foods. Meanwhile, it has a unique cuisine that has its own taste and rich texture for pizzas, barbeques, bites, shrimps, and seafood. One may be prodigal to mellow a few delights such as Oregan-style briskets, salt-cod croquettes, fish sauce wings, roasted duck, khao man gai, and honey paw.

Certainly, gastronomes on a food tour to the USA will be elated with nice aromas and rich ingredients of recipes across the states.

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