The village where the 3 Lapponias meet is pure magic

Here is where the three Lapponias meet , the Finnish, the Swedish and the Norwegian. A strategic point for spotting the magnificent spectacle of the northern lights . But not only.

Time seems to have stopped in this village. The nature dominates majestic. The unusual landscapes of the Malla Nature Reserve invade the horizon. From the highest mountain in Finland, Halti, you can also see the Arctic Ocean , about 40 kilometers away.

From the ancient mountain of Saana, with its particular shape and symbol of the area, you can admire the lakes that surround it and the magnificent tundra populated by reindeer , including the very rare white reindeer. A pristine corner, ideal for those who want to relax and recharge their batteries.

It is also an excellent area for outdoor activities, even in winter, such as cross-country and downhill skiing. For the more adventurous, there is ice swimming , a “regenerating” immersion in the lake, like the real Lapps do. And, for photography lovers, every corner is an unmissable subject to capture.

You sleep in a small family-run resort consisting of several cottages, the only one in the village, far from the rest of the world, but with all comforts (each room has its own sauna that never fails), right on the shore of the frozen lake to Kilpisjarvi . It is the classic Nordic cottage , made of red wood with white frames that, when surrounded by snow, stands out like a traffic light in the middle of nowhere. Typical Lappish food is served in the hotel restaurant.

From here we leave every day for snowshoe hikes, ice fishing and husky dog ​​safaris along the northern fjords. And then, on a snowmobile, during the day and especially in the evening, in search of aurora borealis.

To reach the Finnish village of Kilpisjarvi you fly to Tromsø , northern Norway, skirting the Lyngen (or Lyngenfjord) fjord, an arctic area that has achieved sustainable Destination certification for daily commitment to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and preserve their character and their nature.

Difficult to get there alone, better to rely on a specialized tour operator like Norama who also offers a guide who speaks Italian and who also wakes guests up in the middle of the night when the Northern Lights are about to arrive.

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