Where to find drinking water sources in Italy

Every year, March 22, we celebrate World Water Day . An increasingly precious element that can still be found, in some places, uncontaminated. And drinking.

There is no shortage of water sources in Italy and they represent a slightly different opportunity to explore the woods and take a nice and healthy walk.

A bit like what happens in Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, in the province of Aosta , with the water that flows from the Citrin spring. Its taste, sweet and effervescent, is ideal for those seeking an intense and pure mountain flavor.

The alternatives are not lacking in neighboring regions, such as Piedmont or Lombardy. Who wants to know where are the sources of drinking water in Savoy land must go to Roburent , in the province of Cuneo, where is the lightest water source in Europe.

In the midst of the Lombard mountains, the water of Santa Apollonia is born, in Ponte di Legno , an alpine town in the province of Brescia. Its slightly bitter and alkaline taste does not make it appreciated by everyone, but by drinking it you can appreciate all its beneficial properties.

Going down towards central Italy, the places where the sources of drinking water are located do not cease, giving suggestive glimpses into the villages or villages. This is the case of the source of Sassetta , in the province of Pisa, where people rush from the surrounding Tuscan hills to take light water and taste very good.

In the province of Rome, in Anguillara Sabazia , there is also the famous source of Acqua Claudia , from which a fresh natural effervescent water is born, which can be used by everyone paying the price of parking.

The places where there are splendid sources of drinking water do not cease even in southern Italy. In Calabria, for example, you can collect the so-called Acqua delle Fonte, more precisely in the Parco delle Serre , in the province of Vibo Valentia . Its detoxifying taste is ideal for those seeking waters with beneficial properties.

In Sicily, finally, the springs of Scillato, in the province of Palermo, are unmissable. The clayey sediments make the sources present in this part of Italy of the places from which water is born with important diuretic characteristics.

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