Marsa Matruh, Caribbean Egypt

Legends of a distant time and beaches of fine sand. We are in Marsa Matruh in Egypt, the town on the north coast, 290 kilometers from Alexandria. In Marsa Matruh the sea is an expanse of crystal clear water that is lost on the horizon, and is even one of the main attractions of Caribbean Egypt. It is the last Egyptian city before the border with Libya and therefore makes it even more fascinating.

Yes, because even if it is less known than other places like Sharm el-Sheikh , Marsa Matruh is the place you don’t expect. It is a pleasant surprise, in short, with its landscapes where you can organize excursions and even reach the natural sculptures of the Siwa Oasis. But what are the places you must see absolutely at least once in your life? Here’s all what you need to know.

The beaches on the Red Sea of ​​Marsa Matruh

It doesn’t take that much to reach Marsa Matruh, you get there easily and the plane journey only takes a few hours. So you can carve out some time – relaxing – without having to face all those hours of flight that are already stressful in themselves. In addition to its beaches – very white that stretch for miles – the city of Caribbean Egypt has many villages and resorts where you can spend a pleasant, relaxing holiday. In short, Marsa Matruh is diversified between the lagoon basins and the rocky coastlines.

Marsa Matruh in Egypt: what to see

It is precisely its beaches that make it an enchanting place with Caribbean colors. In addition to enjoying ad hoc relaxation paths, you can undoubtedly go to discover the beauties . But what are the places to see at all costs?

The Great Sand Sea : the “Great Sand Sea” is the desert that extends between Egypt and Libya. Here, in addition to the golden sand, there are also oases like those of Siwa and Bahariya, among caravans and ancient legends

The fortress of Shali : erected in salt and mud, it is located in the center of the Siwa oasis. You can even climb up to the top to enjoy the enchanting landscape, especially at sunset Cleopatra’s pool : it is a large stone pool, fed by a hot water spring. It is said that Cleopatra came here to bathe in her visits to Siwa

The oracle of Amon : for the Egyptians it is the god of the sun, it is found inside the oasis of Siwa. Although today only a few buildings remain of the temple, from there you can admire the landscape
Marsa Matruh is the ideal place for all those who love the sea and culture at the same time. Besides, precisely in this city of Caribbean Egypt – and according to tradition – even Alexander the Great would have stopped before reaching the oracle of Amon. To have predictions on military campaigns.

If you are looking for a place that is different from the usual mass tourism, Marsa Matruh is the place for you.

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