Travel low cost to Zanzibar

Have you ever thought it possible to spend 15 days in Zanzibar , one of the pearls of the Indian Ocean, in the two central weeks of August , spending just over one thousand euros ? Yes, I am witness to the fact that it can be done without renouncing any of the pleasures that can be experienced by living this marvelous island fully.

First you need to monitor flights a few months in advance. You have to keep an eye on two destinations: precisely the airport of Zanzibar , but at the same time that of Dar Es Salaam . In my case, in fact, it was decided to take the flight that landed in the capital of Tanzania and then reach the island by ferry , which does not take a direct flight, too expensive for that season. And if you choose more ferry flight, opt for the boat ticket in second class, no one will check once you have gone up so the extra cost is not justified. Surely land in Tanzaniait is more inconvenient, but in my opinion it should not be underestimated the charm of moving by sea, using a means mostly used by the natives and therefore allows you to immediately enter into direct contact with them. It is also a way to give a more authentic flavor to your journey from the very beginning .

Once you have bought a very convenient flight, the rest of the organization of a low cost travel is all downhill! 
For overnight stays you can also decide to book everything from Italy, also because the distances are short so that the itinerary can easily be planned from home and there will be hardly any serious setbacks that will prevent you from complying with the timetable. The advantage of booking before leaving is the ability to compare many prices and, perhaps, wait for offers. However, the fact remains that Zanzibar offers many solutions for overnight stays, both in the capital and along the coast. In addition, all the facilities in which we stayed overnight, had free rooms, so there is no risk of not finding a place to settle down.

And we dispel the myth that in Zanzibar there are only tourist villages: nothing more wrong! Small and simple facilities, clean and cared for, can be found everywhere on the island. In high season, spending € 15-20 per night , you can stay in lovely places. I mention one above all, the one that struck me so much to really feel in paradise: Baraka Aquarium Bungalows in Nungwi . Consisting of only 4 bungalows immersed in the forest, a charming central pond in which lives a friendly family of sea turtles, breakfast served directly on its own terrace and the beach no more than 3 minutes walk. A paradise for € 20 per person!

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